Sawasdee Tuk Tuk

sawasdeetuktuksawasdeetuktukติดป้ายโฆษณารถสามล้อ ติดป้ายโฆษณารถตุ๊กตุ๊ก
ติดป้ายโฆษณารถสามล้อ ติดป้ายโฆษณารถตุ๊กตุ๊ก

Sawasdee Tuk Tuk

850 ฿

One time service 1-2 hour

Shuttle from your place to destination

Available from 2-400 people



Sawasdee Tuk tuk

Service Type: Big Group Event (Advance booking require 7 days in advance)

Price: 850 Baht per Tuk tuk (Price depends on number of Tuk tuk and travel distance.)

PAX: Recommended 2-3 people/Tuk tuk


  1. Open your new travel experience with group Tuk tuk riding from 20 to 200 Tuk tuks.
  2. Convenience and punctual services managed by high experience Sawasdee Tuk tuk Team.
  3. Escort car service by Thai tourism police available upon request. (Additional service fee required.)
  4. Create new unique experience for company trip.
  5. Pick up from hotel to restaurant/seminar/attractions.
  6. One-way trip service. Additional destination may require additional service fee.

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Meeting Point

We pick you up and drop off at Hotel in area